The Perfect Glimpse of Time

Living in the fast paced world where everyone is expected to be dynamic in everything, sometimes forgot the value of time. Being in the sales industry for more than a decade now taught me on how to be tough in facing the world that is full of uncertainties and difficulty. I live my life with caution and restrict myself on taking risk because I was afraid of falling. Looking back in my life made me realize how coward I am during my younger days. I missed a lot of opportunities in my career … [Read more...]

The Practicality of Time

The moment I glanced at the most eye-catching watch in the mall, I told myself I will get that! It was like a motivation for me to work really hard so I can afford this luxurious thing that I wanted for myself. I began imagining how perfect it is to have such a graceful watch. As time passed by and I needed to pay for the bills and provide for my basic needs, I asked myself: Do I really need that expensive watch? Being an entry level employee, I was fascinated with the concept of earning my … [Read more...]

Just In Time

Everyone of us values time. I’m sure that once in your life, you dreamed of having a classy and expensive watch that will catch the attention of others and make you noticeable.  But if your wallet cannot afford to get one luxurious watch, then getting a replica can be an option for you. Replica watches are absolutely the best option you could go for when you want to look best while still sticking on your budget. Replica watches really look cool and sophisticated. People will not be able to … [Read more...]

Time For A New You

This last Christmas and new year, I’ve received a lot of gifts from my colleagues and my family although neither of them have given me a replica watch – which is ridiculous after all of the efforts I have done in telling them that if they were going to give me a present, I would want to receive a watch. Since I did not get one, I decided to just buy myself my own replica watch – money was not a problem anyway. I wake up this morning and while I’m getting ready for my day – dressing up and all … [Read more...]


I never really wore watches before and only relied on my phone just to check what the time was. Until one day, a friend of mine gave a me replica watch as a gift for my birthday. He told me that watches make us look sophisticated and it brings out our professional look. Honestly, I never noticed that at first. But then when I tried to look deeper and observe all of my professional friends, all of them wear watches. Our family doctor always wears watch. I don’t know if he is required to have … [Read more...]

The Power of Time

The power of time give each of us the chance to live life the way we want it. The precious moments that we share with our love ones, the working hours that we spend in our offices and even the activities that we do allow us to be that master of our own time. We create our choices depending on how we plan our life. The very essence of living our life is by crafting our own destiny. In order to be successful in life, you need to have a strong determination on your goals. I for one, believe in … [Read more...]

Season of Giving

Christmas is fast approaching and I really have to list down the gifts I will give to my love ones. Instead of going to shopping malls and dumping myself in a pool of crowded places, I took the recommendation of my friend to shop online. I am not really familiar with this kind of buying but it seems easy and convenient for me. Aside from the fact that I don’t have to go the malls, I can choose which product to choose in simple clicks. So, the first one I should shop for is my father. Dad … [Read more...]

Time to be Wise

The raindrops outside my window reminds me of how I become an avid fan of watches. Back in my childhood, I always receive a new watch from my grandfather. He once told me how important time is in our life. Time affects how we manage and take care of it. It becomes who we are depending on how effective and efficient we use time in our daily lives. I come to understand the beauty of time after college where I need to face the challenging world of reality. I became aware that my life in college is … [Read more...]

Wait A Minute

The thing why I started this blog isn't just to promote different designs of watches. My admiration of watches started when my mom gave me this pink Gucci watch for my 7th birthday. Since then, I have this fascination of staring at the tick-tock-ticking clocks. As I grow up, these aren't just some tick tock material. They make sense, as long as they don’t stop. It only tells us that time will wait for no one. Would want to insert this animated Japanese film entitled “The girl who leaped through … [Read more...]

Time Keeping Made Easy and Affordable Now!

For as long as humans have survived on this planet, time keeping something that has thoroughly evolved with changing times. Day and night, night and day – noon, afternoon, evening, it all is summed up in the tick tock of time. Even in today’s busy world, people haven’t lost the importance and real essence of time keeping because, honestly, time teaches us discipline, regularity, organization and other core values of life. If it wasn’t for time keeping, then I don’t know where humans would be … [Read more...]